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Ortho-tag is pioneering a new frontier in healthcare.

The company's proprietary technologies will serve a critical role in the future of smart implants and digital medical records as the standard platform in which data is communicatedand stored through the human body.

The “Ortho-tag” system consists of an implantable “tag” or “wearable device” and touch probe. This innovation improves the secure transmission of wireless communication with implantable devices through transcutaneous volume conduction – not through the air like traditional RFID, but through the electrical conductivity of biological tissues -  and enables health care providers the ability to securely program, reprogram, and obtain real-time access (directly from the patient) to vital in-body information. 

Additional advancements made by Ortho-tag include:  

• Powering implantable tags and biosensors without the use of an internal battery 

• Overcoming signal interference with other metallic implants 

• Reprogrammable high-capacity data storage capability on implantable tags  

• System and method for storing information relating to a medical implant device   

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