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The Ortho-tag “tag” is a smart implant technology consisting of a (passive) microchip that is mounted onto a patient's orthopaedic implant device at the time of surgery. The Ortho-tag is then programed through the Ortho-tag software interface with unique information about the implant type/model/serial number, manufacturer, procedure date, hospital and implanting surgeon. 

Post-operatively, the surgeon or other healthcare professionals scans (through transcutaneous contact using an Ortho-tag Touch Probe) the area of the patient’s body where the device is implanted to receive immediate and accurate information pertaining to the implant and procedure.

The Ortho-tag is designed with key features that maintain the highest levels of security for Patient Health Information. Reading the Ortho-tag requires the use of a proprietary Ortho-tag Touch Probe; therefore, a conventional RFID reader is incapable of reading the Ortho-tag or Ortho-tag Card. Only when the tag is in transcutaneous contact with an Ortho-tag Touch Probe can records be accessed regarding the specific patient and respective implant.

This product has not yet been cleared for sale in the United States by the FDA